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If you build it they will come….

During Bookmark’s very first day of existence, I was called by an old contact who congratulated me on taking the plunge and launching my own business. Having had experience of launching a company himself he told me that running a business would make me sleep like a baby…………ie wake up every two hours crying!


It’s fair to say that there’s an element of truth to the quip – the first 3 months of running Bookmark have certainly pushed myself and Mike out of our comfort zone! Coming up with the name, building a logo & brand, managing the development of a website and who could forget the joyous task of keeping accounts have all been completely new challenges!

Bookmark was conceived from a shared frustration with some of the practices which tend to give the recruitment world a bad name, the increasingly transactional nature of some parts of the market and a desire to do better. With over ten years’ experience each, both Mike & myself are passionate about the part that recruiters play in helping business grow & assisting candidates to achieve their career goals.

Whilst the world certainly wasn’t screaming out for yet another recruitment consultancy we think there is a place for a recruiter that does the small things well and values relationships & personal interactions over KPI’s and job volumes. Providing interview feedback, returning calls, replying to every application, meeting people – these simple things are the bedrock of the brand we want to grow. Customer experience & engagement is a huge growth area across marketing and we aim to take a leaf from our clients’ books. Of course all this is easy when discussed in the pub over a pint and much harder to achieve in the real world!

So we’ve put our money where our mouth is, metaphorically planted our flag in ground and our reputations on the line…. well you get the idea! Bookmark is our field of dreams and we hope people come to play.


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