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Taking longer than expected to find the right marketing role?

While it’s often considered recruitment hara-kiri to talk about the job market slowing down, we can’t ignore that economic & political uncertainty may be starting to have an effect on the number of marketing roles (especially senior positions) being recruited. While some skill sets remain in high demand (digital, analytics, insight & product management), we are hearing from more candidates who are finding that the time it’s taking to find a new role is increasing and that volume of new roles coming into the market appears to be softening.

A quick google brings up articles with contrasting views of the job market outlook and at this stage, it’s difficult to predict if this is a short-term/seasonal hiccup or part of a longer-term trend. While predictions for the UK economy remain largely positive, we thought it might be worth putting together our top 5 tips for job hunting during a period of increased uncertainty –

  1. You’re a marketer – market yourself!

Having worked in marketing recruitment for nearly 15 years, I’m always amazed at how poor people who spend their lives marketing various products or services are at self-promotion! To stand out from the crowd it’s vital that your personal brand is on point – that means a super optimised LinkedIn profile and a CV that cuts out the jargon and screams “I’m amazing, hire me!”

It’s also time to get out your little black book and get networking. Re-connect with old managers & colleagues and use all those contacts you’ve amassed over your career. These advocates are a fantastic source of new opportunities before they reach the mass market.

  1. Take time, make an effort & follow up.

Tired of not hearing back on applications, of not securing interviews or getting that offer over the line? If this sounds familiar, ask yourself if you’re maximising your chances. Personalised applications, tailoring your CV, doing detailed interview prep and spending plenty of time on those dreaded interview presentations are all a bit of a pain in the bum, especially if you’re doing each multiple times. However, these tend to be the factors that really count and which will separate you from the pack.

Also, in our increasingly digital world, the phone call still carries weight – follow up your application, speak to the hiring manager and take the opportunity to start building a relationship – this should increase your application to interview conversions.

  1. Make the most of your recruiter relationships.

Like us or loathe us, we’re part of the process. Get the relationship right and recruiters can become your eyes & ears in the market, your strongest advocate and a key source of information.

Get out and meet the key recruiters in your market, inspire them to work hard on your behalf, make sure they are representing you as you’d want to be represented and that you’re their first call when that new opportunity comes into the market.

  1. Think carefully before applying for a position.

Are you qualified for the role? Is the role at the appropriate level of you? Have you got the key experience required?

It can become tempting to apply for roles that aren’t a natural fit – way more junior, way more senior, specialist skills that you’ve got a bit of experience in – where’s the harm? These sort of long-shot applications tend to harm your credibility with a client or recruiter, so stay focussed, know where your value lies and wait for the right opportunity.

  1. Stay positive!

This is really important – any whiff of negativity or desperation is a sure-fire way of not getting the job. Forget what’s come before or how long the process has taken and present yourself as positive, excited and driven in all interactions with potential employers.

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